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Rave Reviews for Julie Rei Goldstein!


“There is one actress who is clearly having too much fun with her role, and that is Julie Rei Goldstein, who plays the malevolent, vicious, vile Precia Testarossa. An insane and powerful mage, driven mad because of an old loss, Precia is inhuman in her treatment of her daughter Fate (though why she is so inhuman towards her daughter is explained by the end). Ms. Goldstein gives Precia a breathy at times, otherwise overly exultant, voice that teems with bile and scorn. Scenery-chewing villains are a staple of most entertainment, and Ms. Goldstein tears up an entire prop storage room with this role. At times, she is completely certifiable, and that is exactly what one should expect.”

- G.B.Smith (


“Julie Rei Goldstein plays T3h 3v1|_ VV1tc|-| Biris (sorry. I don’t know why I wrote that in leet, it just seemed appropriate), the one with the f*$#!’d-up eyes and green lipstick. Oh my. That voice is brilliant. So crazy-evil. I love it. I want to hear more from Julie Rei. Now.”